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NGB Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is based in Surat, India. We are a WHO GMP  & FDA Philippines certified pharmaceutical company, with the vision of providing medicines responsibly, sustainably & of value. We continuously integrate compliance, quality & safety into every aspect of the strategy & operations. Since its inception, we continue to focus on manufacturing an exclusive niche of pharmaceutical formulation products.

Our first plant is fully dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, distribution for domestic sales & exports of cephalosporin formulations. We do not manufacture any other class of compounds or any other betalactams.

We have selected the right equipment, designed the layout & utilities for continued adherence to evolving cGMP.
Consequently, our manufacturing capacities, experienced staff & multiple health authority approvable facility combine to give a perfect environment for supply of pharmaceutical products.  We invest in training, health & well-being of all our people. We actively listen to our stakeholders. We exist only because our customers and patients.