“We at NGB Laboratories are committed to ensuring that all the products manufactured and distributed through us, consistently meet the predetermined specification related to quality”. NGB Laboratories promises its customers consistent guaranteed quality of the products it manufactures and distributes by strictly adhering to GMP in conformity with national and international standards. The company recognizes that quality is achieved through a team effort of the trained persons with a view to achieve excellence in the products and services it offers. Quality is achieved by cumulative efforts of plant premises, equipment, materials, services and personnel involved directly or indirectly in the manufacturing operation.” The effective quality management is achieved through systematic sampling, testing, validating and monitoring of materials, facilities, systems and procedures, which can have direct impact on the quality of the products throughout their shelf life. The standard operating procedures duly authorized for all operations including production, quality control, distribution, safety, environmental control, housekeeping and engineering are the other important part of Quality Management System. At NGB Laboratories Quality Assurance plays a very important and all pervasive role. Right from the facility & product design, validation, auditing, monitoring, stability, labelling, change control to assessment of market feedback on the product quality everything is controlled by the quality assurance. Any deviation or discrepancy is investigated, documented and corrective actions taken, wherever necessary. Self-inspection and Audits are part of effective implementation of Quality Management System. Vendor audits for suppliers of key raw materials and contract laboratories are carried out for conformance to the good Manufacturing practices by use of questionnaire and visit for assessment and approval. NGB Laboratories will be assessed regularly in accordance with the WHO / EU/ PIC/s  certification system for GMP by Food & Drug Authority (FDA ) or relevant authority .